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Moving Tips in Marion, IA

The process of relocating from one house to another can prove to be nearly impossible without a great plan in place. Professional Moving Guys is staffed by a team with years of experience. Your next move will be easier than you ever thought possible when you follow their moving tips in Marion, IA.

Packing Tips from the Professionals

After helping people from across Eastern Iowa move from home to home, our company has become a leading provider of moving services among local household moving companies. Our movers have seen homes in just about every condition, so they understand what works and what doesn’t during relocation. They know what it takes to make moving as seamless as possible. Before your next move, take the time to review our tips from professional movers. 

Tip #1: Packing Your Place

Secure boxes from a company that specializes in moving residential customers. A self-storage company or a mover has access to the boxes needed for oddly-shaped items and fragile heirlooms. Weigh the costs involved with these boxes compared to the potential pricing involved with replacing your items.

Protect dishes with a dish barrel and wall hangings in longer flat boxes. Roll up posters in tubes whenever possible and store your clothes in wardrobe boxes and vacuum-sealed bags. Preparation can save you time and money once you have arrived at the new house.

Tip #2: Don’t Resist Labels

Hit the ground running at your new place and number your boxes. Maintain a master list of boxes and the contents they hold to distribute the boxes correctly according to the room. Mark each side of every box to ensure you can read the labels when the boxes are stacked vertically.

Tip #3 Leave a Paper Trail

Save yourself some money and keep your fragile items protected through the use of paper and newsprint. Don’t throw the Marion Times away when a move is on the horizon. Packing paper is more affordable, and it can be used to cushion items and wrap picture frames.

Tip #4 Everything in Its Place 

Keep knives in the butcher block and clothes in their drawers when it’s possible to secure them properly for a move. Instead of pulling the silverware out of the drawers and packing them separately, save yourself a great deal of time and effort.

Tip #5 The Right Approach for Books

Put heavier items in smaller boxes specifically designed for books and other types of media. Book boxes can protect a mover from needless injury.

Tip #6 Careful Packaging for Pricy Items

Put your high-end television back in the box it came in whenever possible. Moving supply stores will carry boxes for dishes that work well for advanced home entertainment components. Make sure to pack the matching cords with the device, and wrap them in towels. If there is any dead space in the box with electronics, fill in the areas with packing paper or other filler.

Tip #7 Designate a Packing Room

Choose one room to serve as your packing headquarters. Centralizing this process in one room avoids the excessive mess and makes it easier to label the moved items in order. Your moving room should have a large table that allows you to pack while standing.

Tip #8 Have a Garage Sale or Yard Sale

Eliminate the clutter that won’t be packed and create more space in the moving truck in the process.

Tip #9 Plan a Homecoming Celebration

Plan a special day to commemorate the move and reward your family for all of their hard work. A little preparation can make moving a breeze. Celebrate once the move is done and start looking forward to a wonderful life in your new home.